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W. Schulz, J. Ainley, Cristián Cox, T. Friedman Young people's views of government, peaceful coexistence, and diversity in five Latin American countries. IEA International Civic and Citizenship Study 2016 Latin American Report

2018Amsterdam: IEA
W.H. Schmidt, S.A. Raizen, E.D. Britton, L.J. Bianchi, R.G. Wolfe Many Visions, Many Aims. Volume 2: A cross-national investigation of curricular intentions in school science

1997Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers
W.H. Schmidt, C.C. McKnight, G.A. Valverde, R.T. Houang, D.E. Wiley Many Visions, Many Aims. Volume 1: A cross-national investigation of curricular intentions in school mathematics

1997Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers
W.H. Schmidt, C.C. McKnight, R.T. Houang, H. Wang, D.E. Wiley, L.S. Cogan, R.G. Wolfe Why Schools Matter. A cross-national comparison of curriculum and learning

2001San Francisco: Jossey-Bass
W.H. Schmidt, D. Jorde, L.S. Cogan, E. Barrier, I. Gonzalo, U. Moser, K. Shimizu, T. Sawada, G.A. Valverde, C. McKnight, R.S. Prawat, D.E. Wiley, S.A. Raizen, E.D. Britton, R.G. Wolfe Characterizing Pedagogical Flow. An investigation of mathematics and science teaching in six countries

1996Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Andrés Sandoval-Hernández, Maria Magdalena Isac, Daniel Miranda Teaching Tolerance in a Globalized World

2018Cham: Springer
H. Saari Writing Curricula in Sixteen Countries. International study in written composition: IEA

1991Jyväskylä, Finland: University of Jyväskylä
D.W. Ryan, L.W. Anderson (Eds.)Rethinking Research on Teaching: Lessons Learned from an International Study [Special issue]. Evaluation in Education: An International Review Series, 8(2)

K.J. Roth, S.L. Druker, H.E. Garnier, M. Lemmens, C. Chen, T. Kawanaka, D. Rasmussen, S. Trubacova, D. Warvi, Y. Okamoto, P. Gonzales, J. Stigler, R. Gallimore Teaching Science in Five Countries. Results from the TIMSS 1999 Video Study

2006Washington, DC: NCES
M.J. Rosier, J.P. Keeves (Eds.)The IEA Study of Science I. Science education and curricula in twenty-three countries

1991Oxford: Pergamon Press
D.F. Robitaille (Ed.)National Contexts for Mathematics and Science Education. An encyclopedia of the education systems participating in TIMSS

1997Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press
D.F. Robitaille, W.H. Schmidt, S. Raizen, C. McKnight, E. Britton, C. Nicol Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics and Science. TIMSS monograph no. 1

1993Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press
D.F. Robitaille, R.A. Garden (Eds.)The IEA Study of Mathematics II. Contexts and outcomes of school mathematics

1989Oxford: Pergamon Press
D.F. Robitaille, R.A. Garden (Eds.)Research Questions & Study Design. TIMSS monograph no. 2

1996Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press
D.F. Robitaille, A.E. Beaton (Eds.)Secondary Analysis of the TIMSS Data

2002Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers
D.F. Robitaille, A.E. Beaton, T. Plomp (Eds.)The Impact of TIMSS on the Teaching & Learning of Mathematics & Science

2000Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press
A.C. Purves (Ed.)International Comparisons and Educational Reform

1989Alexandria, VA: ASCD
A.C. Purves (Ed.)The IEA Study of Written Composition II. Education and performance in fourteen countries

1992Oxford: Pergamon Press
A.C. Purves Literature Education in Ten Countries. An empirical study

1973Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell
A.C. Purves, S. Takala (Eds.)An International Perspective on the Evaluation of Written Composition [Special issue]. Evaluation in Education: An International Review Series, 5(3)

A.C. Purves, V. Rippere Elements of Writing about a Literary Work. A study of response to literature

1968Champaign, IL: National Council of Teachers of English
A.C. Purves, D.U. Levine (Eds.)Educational Policy and International Assessment. Implications of the IEA surveys of achievement

1975Berkeley: McCutchan
R. Annemiek Punter, Cees A.W. Glas, Martina R.M. Meelissen Psychometric Framework for Modeling Parental Involvement and Reading Literacy

2016Cham: Springer
T.N. Postlethwaite (Ed.)International Project for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) [Special issue]. International Review of Education, 15(2)

T.N. Postlethwaite (Ed.)What Do Children Know? International studies on educational achievement [Special issue]. Comparative Education Review, 18(2)

T.N. Postlethwaite (Ed.)Special Issue on the Second IEA Study [Special issue]. Comparative Education Review, 31(1)

T.N. Postlethwaite, D.E. Wiley (Eds.)The IEA Study of Science II. Science achievement in twenty-three countries

1992Oxford: Pergamon Press
T.N. Postlethwaite, K.N. Ross Effective Schools in Reading. Implications for educational planners: An exploratory study

1992The Hague: IEA
T.N. Postlethwaite, A. Lewy Annotated Bibliography of IEA Publications (1962–1978)

1979Stockholm: IEA
N. Postlethwaite School Organization and Student Achievement. A study based on achievement in mathematics in twelve countries

1967Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell
T. Plomp, J. Voogt (Eds.)Pedagogical Practices and ICT Use Around the World. Findings from the IEA international comparative study SITES2006 [Special issue]. Education and Information Technologies, 14(4)

T. Plomp, R.E. Anderson, N. Law, A. Quale (Eds.)Cross-National Information and Communication Technology Policies and Practices in Education

2003Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing
T. Plomp, R.E. Anderson, N. Law, A. Quale (Eds.)Cross-National Information and Communication Technology. Policies and practices in education (Rev. 2nd ed.)

2009Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing
T. Plomp, R.E. Anderson, G. Kontogiannopoulou-Polydorides (Eds.)Cross National Policies and Practices on Computers in Education

1996Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers
W.J. Pelgrum, I.A.M.J. Reinen, T. Plomp (Eds.)Schools, Teachers, Students and Computers. A cross-national perspective: IEA-Comped Study Stage 2

1993Enschede, Netherlands: University of Twente
W.J. Pelgrum, T. Plomp (Eds.)The IEA Study of Computers in Education. Implementation of an innovation in 21 education systems

1993Oxford: Pergamon Press
W.J. Pelgrum, T. Plomp The Use of Computers in Education Worldwide. Results from the IEA 'Computers in Education' survey in 19 educational systems

1991Oxford: Pergamon Press
W.J. Pelgrum, T. Eggen, T. Plomp Second International Mathematics Study. The implemented and attained mathematics curriculum: A comparison of eighteen countries

1986Washington, DC: Center for Education Statistics
W.J. Pelgrum, R.E. Anderson (Eds.)ICT and the Emerging Paradigm for Life Long Learning. A worldwide educational assessment of infrastructure, goals and practices

1999Amsterdam: IEA
W.J. Pelgrum, R.E. Anderson (Eds.)ICT and the Emerging Paradigm for Life-Long Learning. An IEA educational assessment of infrastructure, goals, and practices in twenty-six countries (2nd ed.)

2001Amsterdam: IEA
G.F. Peaker An Empirical Study of Education in Twenty-One Countries. A technical report

1975Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell
A.H. Passow, H.J. Noah, M.A. Eckstein, J.R. Mallea The National Case Study. An empirical comparative study of twenty-one educational systems

1976Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell
C. Papanastasiou (Ed.)Proceedings of the IRC-2004. IEA International Research Conference (Vols. 1–4)

2004Nicosia, Cyprus: University of Cyprus
C. Papanastasiou, T. Plomp, E.C. Papanastasiou (Eds.)IEA 1958–2008. 50 years of experiences and memories

2011Nicosia, Cyprus: Cultural Center of the Kykkos Monastery
C. Papanastasiou, V. Froese Reading Literacy in 14 Countries

2002Lefkosia, Cyprus: University of Cyprus
G. Orpwood, R.A. Garden Assessing Mathematics and Science Literacy. TIMSS monograph no. 4

1998Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press
A.N. Oppenheim, J. Torney The Measurement of Children's Civic Attitudes in Different Nations

1974Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell
J.F. Olson, M.O. Martin, I.V.S. Mullis (Eds.)TIMSS 2007 Technical Report

2008Chestnut Hill, MA: Boston College
P.P. Olmsted, D.P. Weikart (Eds.)How Nations Serve Young Children. Profiles of child care and education in 14 countries

1989Ypsilanti, MI: High/Scope Press
P.P. Olmsted, D.P. Weikart (Eds.)Families Speak. Early childhood care and education in 11 countries: The IEA Preprimary Project Phase 1

1994Ypsilanti, MI: High/Scope Press
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